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Bus service

Pick up and drop off

Minibus service

Having a fleet of minibuses means that we are able to offer a number of minibus routes that collect and return children home after school.

School Bus

Bus collection points

Our bus collection points are generally (these differ depending on demand each term):

  • Stoke Bishop, Suspension Bridge and Clifton Downs - Mornings only
  • Wrington, Langford, Winford Manor, Winford Village and Cambridge Batch - Morning and Evening
  • Chew Magna, Winford Village - Morning only

On arrival at school, the children are dropped off and can make their way to registration. In the evening, children assemble in the main hall at 5.00pm and are collected by their driver and accompanied to their bus.

The bus runs at 4.30pm on Exeat weekends and the last day of term.

If there is sufficient demand and we don't currently have a bus for a particular route, then we can explore arranging this, please liaise with the School Office.

Each minibus driver carries a mobile phone on the bus so that parents may leave a message or speak to the driver if needed.

Bus service booking form

To enquire or to book our minibus service for your child, please complete the form below and select 'bus service' in the enquiry type drop down.