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The Downs offers a first-class education with an inspiring curriculum, fantastic, committed teachers and staff.

Mr & Mrs Essex

Learning Support

Our approach is shaped through listening. To our children’s needs, to our parents’ concerns and to insights from our experienced school community. With specialist teachers, skilled at meeting individual needs, we are well resourced to bolster learning wherever necessary.

Supporting all learners

A network of support

We want every child who attends The Downs to develop confidence and feel empowered and independent. These are the things that help frame their whole school experience, to give children both self-assurance and a life-long love of learning.

Learning letters

Breaking this down

If a support need is identified, we spend time talking to parents about exactly what that means. Communication between parents, support staff and external specialists is integral to maintaining a holistic approach to care.

Specialist literacy and maths teachers

Support might take the form of extra monitoring and assessment, tailoring teaching to match individual needs or focussed in-class attention (in collaboration with teachers).

Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Our experienced LSAs offer specialist support, working in small groups to bolster maths, English and study skills. Where required, bespoke 1:1 care is available for children with EHCP needs.