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The Downs is a place where my two girls arrive with beaming smiles every morning.

Olivia Hall

Happy children

When you speak to our children, one thing always stands out above the rest. School is a place where they can be themselves, be with friends and – quite simply – be happy.


Happiness is key

The smiles speak for themselves

Our philosophy is simple - happy children thrive. For this reason each child at The Downs is placed in the midst of a network of exceptional pastoral care to ensure that no child is overlooked or lost in the crowd. We want every child to enjoy coming to school each day. Discover the one word some of our children use to describe The Downs...

Positive minds learn better

Our philosophy is simple: happy children thrive. That’s why every pupil at The Downs is encouraged to do what they love. Build dens. Weave daisy chains. Be loud and active. Then be quiet and focused. No phones, no closed doors. Just the freedom to follow their natural curiosity with the guidance of specialist support staff and teachers.

Our Pastoral Care

Find out about our excellent pastoral care here at The Downs.


A warm, caring school that manages to find the best in every pupil by bringing such joy to learning.

Olivia Hall – Parent

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