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Early Years

Reception is the first taste of school, the start of a formative journey for every child. A positive, welcoming experience in these early days, weeks and years is crucial.


Explore. Express. Excel.

Our curriculum

Our school values weave seamlessly through the Early Years Foundational Stage (EYFS) curriculum we follow.

We encourage child-led exploration based on individual interests and find hands-on, practical learning opportunities.

Discovery through play and introducing specialist subjects early on (such as music, dance and PE) gives scope for children to express themselves.

With careful guidance and space to grow, our children show an inspiring aptitude for skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork.

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A bespoke approach

A gentle transition

Children need different approaches to support them at this stage and that’s just what we offer. With small classes, and plenty of skilled staff, children’s personal, social and academic needs are met holistically.

We pride ourselves on creating a web of support and communication between home and school. There’s the option to pick up early on a Wednesday throughout the whole year (if this is what’s right for your child).

Above all, Reception is a warm, vibrant environment where there’s time to delve into topics guided by adult modelling and encouragement.

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School Bus

Starting school

Skipping up

We have three familiarisation mornings before the start of school in September as well as our Teddy Bears’ Picnic during the summer holidays. All of this means that children are ready to skip straight into full-time hours come September without the need for parents to juggle work during a settling period. Find out more about our admissions process below

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