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Senior school chat

Their growing maturity is apparent in Year 8 and strong bonds are formed as an entire year group - which makes leaving an emotional farewell!

Mrs Collins

Years 7 & 8

From a familiar place of safety and comfort we want our Seniors (Year 7 and 8) to begin to spread their wings.

Senior years

Striking a balance

This is a delicate time for children. Getting it right for them means striking a balance between freedom and protection. Between helping them learn about the world and guarding their innocence.

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Senior years

Rites of passage

With opportunity comes anticipation and there are certain key roles up for grabs in Senior years. From our Heads of school to leaders in sports, dance and music or charity committee members we are always on the hunt for students who want to expand their horizons.

head boys handover celebration day

Spoilt for choice

In the warmth of The Downs we offer exciting opportunities for Years 7 and 8 to take on significant roles which have a real impact on our school.

Seniors can choose to:

  • Take on leadership roles
  • Have a voice in the direction of the school
  • Be role models for younger students
  • Shine on stage in drama productions or musical performances
  • Embed talents with music, drama or dance exams
  • Pursue specific academic goals
  • Represent the school in many settings from sports to festivals and competitions
Public speaking year 8 celebration day

Trips abroad

Striking out

The elated buzz as one of our school trips set off is so distinct and infectious it can be detected from the top of the drive. There are camps in both Senior years as well as a French, Spanish, ski and history trips on offer.

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Senior school preparation

Preparation for life beyond The Downs is something we take seriously. We invite speakers, encourage responsibility, timekeeping and all-round development so everyone (parents included) feels confident about the next adventure.

Starting in Year 4, we have a dedicated senior school preparation (SSP) lesson which develops problem solving and critical thinking as well as a host of other exam and interview skills. Once a specific school is picked, we will devise individually tailored practice.

Lasting memories

Year 8 leavers’ programme

The climax of our Year 8’s experience at The Downs is celebrated with a flourish of brilliant events and activities in their last few weeks at The Downs. Trips galore, workshops and events see our bright, unfurling butterflies begin to interact with the outside world in a delightful way. It all culminates with a colourful and light-hearted end of year revue - shared with peers, parents and staff - giving the students a fun chance to reflect on their school experience so far.

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