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Children are given opportunity in abundance and are championed for being who they are and for doing what they love.

Katie Hall


Educating children for today is one thing, but preparing them for tomorrow’s jobs gives them a clear path to future workplace success.


Thinking forward

What is STEAM?

An acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, STEAM is a practical approach that links discrete subjects into a cohesive model. Topics become more relevant and engaging with a firmer connection to real workplace needs.

greenpower car fixing engineering STEAM

Making it relevant

Team building and problem solving – demonstrates collaboration as an essential workplace skill. Specialists across disciplines teach the value of working together to solve complex problems.

Innovation and intuition – where creativity and academics collide. This hones the ability to think beyond the expected with pupil-led learning and exploration.

Risk-taking, reflection, review and refinement – show that failure is a valuable part of the process. It’s all about attitude and approach and this process is where growth happens.

STEAM lesson

Where it fits

STEAM is a timetabled part of our Seniors’ (Year 7 and 8) schedule. For some children, it shines a new light on a multi-disciplinary approach which reframes a subject to give them renewed motivation and confidence.

We also offer plentiful opportunities for younger year groups to get involved – learning these diverse, often hands-on, real-life skills.