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Children are given opportunity in abundance and are championed for being who they are and for doing what they love.

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Our values

Three values run through every activity in our school: explore, express, excel. Our three value characters (Twiglet, Pebble and Nik-Nak) help bring these ideas to life.

Our values

At the heart of our school

Our values are designed to help children find the best version of themselves. They impact the way we talk to each other, the way we eat our lunch, and of course the way we teach and learn. They reflect what our school has to offer and what we strive towards, as individuals and a community.

Nik Nak Explore value character
Pebble Express value character
Twiglet Excel value character

Our values explained

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We inspire children to be explorers in all aspects of life. Inside and outside the classroom. In the physical world and in their minds. Whether that’s learning something exciting in class, playing in our beautiful grounds or pursuing a new hobby. Every school day provides our children with learning opportunities that equip them for bright, rewarding futures.

Forest school exploring

Expression happens in the playground and on the stage. In the way we dress and how we treat each other. We work hard to instil every child with the confidence to be the best version of themselves. Whether that means standing up for what they believe, questioning something that doesn’t seem right, or having the courage to follow their dreams. Because children who know who they are, go on to do amazing things.

singing performance celebration day

Excelling is how we respond to challenges as well as success. It’s the way we grow and help others do the same. From academia and sports to music and art, our outstanding academic provision is tailored to suit every child’s needs. By tracking their progress, setting achievable goals and monitoring personal development, we help our children excel across the board.

Happy child reading

Our values in action

You can see our values come to life in every lesson. Our children are inspired to explore, given the freedom to express themselves, and the support they need to excel. Their efforts are recognised with value-based house points and awards. We even spend a whole week each year celebrating our values and their positive impact on our community!

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Senior school girls
Tree climbing
Outdoor learning
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Pre Prep tap
Cricket match
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Drama production