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As parents we have been welcomed into The Downs family with open arms. They say it takes a village to raise a child. The Downs is the village.

Katie Hall

Our community

Family and community are at the heart of our school. This is what makes us special. We form strong relationships with parents, grandparents and carers. Each link in the chain adds something to our community. Each connection makes us stronger.

Creating community

The key to our success

The triangle of relationships between the children, parents and staff is unique and incredibly solid. It creates an enormous network of highly skilled people, working quietly to deliver excellence in the care and progress of our children, our school and our community. This network gives a secure foundation from which every child can thrive.

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Paying it forward

Something else we continuously engage with is supporting our wider community and providing opportunities for others. That may be with a charity fundraising event or by offering our facilities to programmes in need of support.

The Downs School Association (DSA)

Our brilliant parent teacher association, the DSA is another strand of unwavering support. With a buzzing calendar of events, they are experts in fundraising and creating fun, inspiring and highly social events which bring us all together.

Some regular DSA events

  • Bonfire night
  • Summer fete
  • Halloween party
  • Quiz nights
  • Christmas bazaar
  • Fundraising for new equipment
  • Fathers' Day six-aside cricket
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