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The Downs is a place where my two girls arrive with beaming smiles every morning.

Olivia Hall


Our philosophy is simple: happy children thrive. We prioritise happiness and wellbeing, and everything else follows.


Where children flourish

A caring environment

Each child at The Downs is placed in a network of exceptional pastoral care. Our team build rapport with every pupil and regular communication between children, staff and parents ensures nobody is overlooked or lost in the crowd. Our ‘buddy system’ and ‘kindness leaves’ also play an important role in building a happy and supportive community.

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Our focus

Health and wellbeing

Making sure children have all their essential needs met means that we know their minds are sharp and clear, ready to take on the challenge of each new day.

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Centred around wellbeing

School meals – Healthy, hearty and freshly prepared, not to mention delicious! Our school meals have a top-notch reputation amongst pupils and staff.

Here’s a sample menu

Form tutors – Always in touch with our children, and often first to spot (and solve) issues.

Wellbeing coordinator When extra pastoral care is needed, our wellbeing expert is right on hand.

Matrons Our skilled team provide medical and emotional care, every day. From patching up a scraped knee to listening if a child is struggling with a friendship.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PHSE) support – We make time to support children and parents with key topics. Fairness, openness and courage to speak out when things aren’t right are at the heart of our ethos.

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happy friends celebration day
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