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We cannot recommend The Downs highly enough; we only wish our children could stay until Year 13!

Mr & Mrs Essex

Inspired teaching

Our teachers and staff bring energy, passion and a little bit of magic to each classroom. Creating a sense of wonder and igniting a love of learning in every child.


Meet our staff

Hello, from us all at The Downs

Every teacher and member of staff at The Downs has an amazing story to tell. A unique reason why they fell in love with education and with our school. It’s these people and their stories that make our school truly special. So over to you, team…

A love of teaching

Our teaching style

Here’s a secret: the best teachers don’t actually teach. They create an environment where children want to learn, then guide them in their pursuit of knowledge. This is the approach we take here at The Downs. Offering a rich and stimulating curriculum that fosters curiosity, and a passion for life-long learning.

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Putting children first

Our teaching team specialise in helping children uncover their unique personal interests and translate them into a uniquely inspiring learning pathway. We’re always up to date with the latest professional development training. What’s more, because we have small class sizes, we’re free to give each child the focus and attention they need.

Mixing it up

We regularly blend subjects and age groups together, just like real life. This cross-curriculum approach, with a little extra encouragement from us, helps children become well-rounded individuals and explore a healthy mix of academia, sports and art.

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Keeping things fresh

There’s a time and place for traditional classroom learning, but there are so many other ways to learn as well. Wherever possible, we find ways to make education practical and playful. Whether that means hands-on activities that inspire young minds or taking lessons in our school grounds for a blast of fresh air and a boost of energy.